Hi there, I'm Samantha. I've been cosplaying for about 9 years, and mainly attend conventions in central Florida.

I work for Action3 Events and serve as their cosplay events coordinator for Tampa Bay Comic Con, Orlando Comic Expo, Nashville Comic Expo and possibly more events in the future!

Although I do not purport to be an expert in making things, I am more than happy to answer any cosplay/crafting questions you may have.

I was recently asked by Action3 to make a Fanpage, and if you want, you can like it here. However, this Tumblr is the best way to keep up with my antics, unless you want to actually add my personal profile on Facebook. I'm not shy about adding friends there so feel free to send me a request IF we have met or at least have mutual friends: "Samantha Petrone"

(I write fics sometimes)

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Anonymous asked
If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your striped hoodie you used for your natasha? I tried different searches but nothing similar really shows up. Can you help me? Thank you!

The ones you see pics of me in at cons and stuff is the Rusty La Stripe Wired Hoodie, which I wore under a gray jacket that I got in a one-off ebay auction. However, now I have the Splendid Bellini, which is the same brand and color as Natasha’s, but it’s a different style (it cuts off at the waist instead of the hips like hers).


Cosplay more like who the fuck designed this piece of shit and why am I making a replica of it???


Extremis!Pepper - Iron Man 3 (Fanboy Expo ‘14)

I cry about samskinuity's photog skills. Editing by me, and a million and one thank-yous to aracknoid3 for lending me his Iron Man arm.

Anonymous asked
Are there any particular places in the Tampa area that you think are perfect for an NYC-like alley?

Downtown has some spots, and also Ybor. I just don’t recommend hitting up Ybor at night without at least mild security detail (like, someone bring their dad, or a large male friend, or someone who has their CWP). It can get pretty nasty, I have a friend who was stabbed there (thankfully he lived). Also not sure what your theme is but be careful shooting with any form of fake weapons in the city, as there have been a few scares about that, causing businesses to shut down, schools to go on lockdown, and the like.


YOU GUYS!!!! Greg Larro has a tumblr now!!!

You remember the photo set of Nick Fury? That bangin’ picture of New Thor and Unworthy Thor? My Cap 2 Widow stuff in the storage unit? It was all him!

You should all also follow him to stay tuned for the big Budeapest shoot coming out in a few weeks.


michellebirbeck asked
How important do you think accuracy is when it comes to cosplay? I am doing my first proper one this weekend (merryweather from maleficent) but I hate the hats the faeries wear so I am skipping that, and as it's a bit last min I am using my own faerie wings which aren't like the ones in the movie, so I was wondering if it really mattered that much to be completely accurate or not.

I mean, some people can be giant elitist butts about it, but I’ve always maintained that accuracy in cosplay is only essential if you’re planning on entering a contest (in a non-original category). Granted, the less accurate your costume is, the less likely you are to be recognized… and if you’re with a group of friends who’re constantly being asked for their photos but you’re consistently ignored, it might be a little disheartening. But it doesn’t mean your costume isn’t good! It might just mean that people don’t “get it”. At the end of the day, you gotta cosplay for you, and as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. I’ve done a bunch of obscure characters, or really off-the-wall original versions of things that literally no one would understand until they asked. But I always say there’s certain things that will cause people to come up and ask for your photo no matter how obscure your costume is:

- A really well-made, interesting or impressive costume (lots of details, bodypaint, elaborate in general, whatever)

- The cosplayer is conventionally attractive and showcasing it (boobs, abs, tight spandex, whatever)

NEVER FAILS. I’ve cosplayed the most obscure goddamn things but my face was blue and my eyes were yellow and my dress had wings so people were like ‘damn lemme get a pic of that’. Doesn’t matter they had no idea who I was or how accurate or inaccurate my costume was. I looked cool so they wanted a pic.

Moral of the story is: you do you. Be cool. Be happy. And don’t let other people’s perceptions of your costume, or what “good cosplay” is all about, make you change your ways. As long as you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

villaininmyownmind asked
I don't have a question, but I wanted to thank you for all of your help and encouragement on my Charlie cosplay! It definitely turned out better than I thought it would, even though the time crunch left a little to be desired. But I think I have a good starting point and I am really excited to cosplay again!

I was happy to help, darling! Time-crunches are a completely normal thing in cosplay. I was finishing my Pepper costume the day before the con yesterday so even after doing this for nearly 10 years, I still do that! Welcome to the jungle, can’t wait to see what else you have in store ;D

Anonymous asked
How do you find locations for cosplay shoots? Me and my lady friend are doing Newt and Hermann from Pacific Rim and have no idea where to take out photos. Thank x

A lot of times it comes down to what’s available where I am at the time. Like for Pepper, we were at a con in downtown Tampa, so we found a parking garage and a little dark hallway under the hotel to shoot in. For our friends who were in jungley-type costumes (Endor!Leia and Fem!Indiana Jones), we tracked down some gardens alcoves and our photog shot the photos at an angle where you couldn’t see the urban surroundings.

For on-location shoots, they’re generally places I found out about through wandering around myself, seeing other cosplayer shoots somewhere, or through word of mouth from a friend. I think a library would be a good place for you two to shoot. Assuming you’re around high school/college age, maybe you have some friends who can suggest a school library? Colleges especially are usually pretty chill about that kind of thing, especially since the costumes are fairly plain-clothes.

Send in Your Cosplay Questions!

In case you didn’t know, it’s Sunday and I’m not at a con, so that means it’s ASK NECRO day!! I’m opening my ask box to any and all questions. Send in your questions about cosplay, fabric, sewing, wigs, conventions, makeup, hell, even me personally. Just make sure to check the FAQ to see if it’s been answered already!

I will be publishing them tagged with ‘Ask Necro’, as always, so if you want to spare your dash, go ahead and TS that tag!