Hi there, I'm Samantha. I've been cosplaying for about 9 years, and mainly attend conventions in central Florida.

I work for Imaginarium, LLC and serve as their cosplay events coordinator for Tampa Bay Comic Con, Orlando Comic Expo, Nashville Comic Expo and possibly more events in the future!

Although I do not purport to be an expert in making things, I am more than happy to answer any cosplay/crafting questions you may have.

I was recently asked by Imaginarium to make a Fanpage, and if you want, you can like it here. However, this Tumblr is the best way to keep up with my antics, unless you want to actually add my personal profile on Facebook. I'm not shy about adding friends there so feel free to send me a request IF we have met or at least have mutual friends: "Samantha Petrone"

(I write fics sometimes)

Deviant Art


My Better Half


Hey everyone! As I stated in a previous post, I kind of fail at life and my first giveaway got pushed back…so, I’m doing a bigger one than I’d planned to make up for it!

What you’ll win:

~A $50 shopping spree at the online fabric store of your choice. Shipping included in that cost.

~If you’re following me, I’ll buy you $20 worth of thread to go with it, too.

Please read all of the rules before entering.

***There will be only 1 winner!***


- You must REBLOG this post. LIKES don’t count!

- You don’t need to be following me (but you’ll win more stuff if you are!)

- No Giveaway blogs allowed…because that’s just tacky ;) Side/cosplay-only blogs are okay.

- Reblog as much as you want, but let’s keep from spamming our friends, hm?

Winner Details:

- Ask box MUST be open, and you have to be willing to give your address. I’m not a creeper, I promise ;)

- Contest ends on May 1st. I’ll announce the winner on May 1st at 6:30pm EST.

- If your ask box isn’t open, I’ll pick another winner. Winner will be chosen with a random number generator.

- I’ll be ordering the fabric from whatever site you want and having it shipped directly to you. So it’s not coming to me first. No middle-man! (That also means I’ll only ship where they ship, so pick your website according to your country!)

- If you have a specific project in mind, I’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right fabric :)

The only stipulation is that I have to have 200 followers by May 1st. This shouldn’t be hard…I’m in the 190’s right now! Happy blogging, and good luck!!!

Congrats to my winner, hynexdoll! New giveaway announced on May 14! Stay tuned everyone, and thanks for participating!

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