Hi there, I'm Samantha. I've been cosplaying for about 8 years, and mainly attend conventions in central Florida.

I work for Action3 Events and serve as their cosplay events coordinator for Tampa Bay Comic Con, Orlando Comic Expo, Nashville Comic Expo and possibly more events in the future!

Although I do not purport to be an expert in making things, I am more than happy to answer any cosplay/crafting questions you may have.

I was recently asked by Action3 to make a Fanpage, and if you want, you can like it here. However, this Tumblr is the best way to keep up with my antics, unless you want to actually add my personal profile on Facebook. I'm not shy about adding friends there so feel free to send me a request IF we have met or at least have mutual friends: "Samantha Petrone"

(I write fics sometimes)

Deviant Art


My Better Half


Hey, do you guys remember that one time Gabriel stole Bumblebee and ran Dean over? And then he used it to pick up chicks Sam because it’s a hot-ass car? Oh, and then Sam and Cas went for a joyride in it?

Well, I do! XD This is our SPN group from TBCC after we decided to play around and get some shots with my car, which was on display at the con :)

Sammy - IsaisanIsa

Gabriel - CaffeinatedQueer

Cas - Hey-Castiel-of-Thursday

Dean - Pluph

Bumblebee and photo provided by NecroticNymph

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